Charitable Causes and Community Involvement

We’re currently offering to give 10% of our commission at close of escrow to Friends of Broadway, Friends of Beethoven and Citizens of the World Mar Vista for transactions that are referred through Broadway Elementary, Beethoven Elementary or Citizens of the World Mar Vista. We’re open to donating to other schools if requested by clients. 

Broadway Elementary, Beethoven Elementary and Citizens of the World Mar Vista 

These funds are to help support extra programs not provided by LAUSD. If requested I will also donate the funds to help the parents pay for their pledge to the school.

Broadway Elementary is a dual language immersion public school in Venice California offering Spanish and Mandarin. 

Citizens of the World Mar Vista is a charter school that incorporates social and emotional learning into their curriculum.  

I have volunteered my time to teach an empathy class to the kids of Broadway Elementary. I go into the classes individually and talk about empathy, give examples, and ask for the children to share their experiences. We often focus on how it feels to be bullied. I then will return a week later to talk more about their experiences with empathy. The students are encouraged to write about their experiences as well. Once everyone has had the opportunity to share what they want, we have a pizza party.

I have volunteered my time to teach art through the Art in Action and Hype program at Broadway Elementary and fully funded the 2017/2018 Art Program for Broadway. For 2018/2019 I fully funded the music program at Beethoven Elementary as well as contributed to the 5th graders graduation fund. I feel that by exposing children to art and music it greatly improves their self-esteem.

Somaly Mam

Previously focused on fundraising for groups such as Somaly Mam – dedicated to ending the sex trafficking of children and young women in Southeast Asia.

Mirror Me Esteem-wear

Before my fundraising to end trafficking, I owned a company called Mirror Me Esteem-wear, a company dedicated to the self-esteem and empowerment of young girls and women. Through Mirror Me and the publicity that it created in television and print such as Oxygen Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Redbook Magazine, USA Today, ABC 7, ABC Sonoran Living, Extra “Hot New Stuff” etc. I was able to raise awareness and funds for other organizations dedicated to women’s empowerment.