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1601 Pine Ave in Manhattan Beach SOLD at List!

By Jennifer Petsu - December 4, 2015

Manhattan Beach has been moving into a buyer's market the last few months. Take a look at a detailed MAI (Market Action Index) for Manhattan Beach here. What has caused this slowdown in the market remains unclear. Some speculate that it is the recent downturn in the stock market, some believe it is simply seasonal, while others believe buyers are being overly cautious, fearing a correction in housing prices. Whatever the cause, buyer hesitation has led to higher inventory, longer days on the market, and more frequent reductions. Yet, even with these market changes, Petsu Properties was able to close 1601 Pine in the Tree Section of Manhattan Beach at list price. We strongly believe that this cooling of the real estate market is a minor correction and that Manhattan Beach will continue to be one of the most desirable places to live in the LA Metro area

 There are many factors that go along with properly marketing a property, especially when competing with a large inventory.  Remember, buyers are not just shopping for the best deal, they’re looking for a place to spend the next chapter of their lives. You want top dollar for your house? Then make that buyer want to live there now.  At Petsu Properties we're strong believers in presenting your property at its best. We work with the seller to bring the property to where it needs to be to get the top price in any market. Whether it’s simply a good cleaning, or having the house staged to give it the luxury feel the property deserves, our goal is to evoke a positive emotional response. But remember, no matter how amazing the property looks, being overpriced can take away all that hard work. Overpricing is one of the most detrimental things you can do to a listing. You want your property to be priced at market value or just below. Build the excitement!

The final important ingredient to getting the best price for your property is the team that you work with. At Petsu Properties, you don’t sign the listing agreement and spend the rest of the transaction working with our assistants. You will work with my partner Morgan Ward and me – always. We do your opens. We take the calls. We sell your house. This way nothing is missed. We take full responsibility for selling your property and giving you the boutique service you deserve.