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Advantages of Live/Work Storefront Units

By Jennifer Petsu - October 13, 2015

A live/work unit will save you a great amount of time and money as there is no commute. You will also save on eating out as you’re just steps from your own kitchen to prepare a healthy lunch. A live/work unit offers similar advantages to a home office, but it’s easier to prove your deductions to the IRS for a live/work unit since you have a designated work space. The added bonus of the live/work storefront is that you can advertise your business for all to see on the front of your unit.

If you're interested in viewing our live/work storefront at 13346 Washington Blvd in Marina Arts/Lofts District or our live/work lease at 1046 Princeton in Venice please give us a call 310.945.6365 or visit